"The Pale Dot" Mircea Tiberian - Toma Dimitriu duo piano


The project starts on June 30, 2015 with a duo piano concert in Bucharest at "Green Hours Club" having as protagonists Mircea Tiberian (head of the Jazz Department of the National University of Music – Bucharest) and Toma Dimitriu. The show was successful and Mihai Iordache, the owner of “Fiver House Records” invited the artists to produce a CD in this formula.

The recordings was made was made in August 19, 2015 at “George Enescu” hall with two new acoustic concert pianos, Steinway and Kawaia The performers were the authors of the recording parts. "The Pale Dot" was released in Bucharest on October 22, 2015 at "Artjazz Club". After that, some concerts for promoting the album were made in different jazz Clubs in Bucharest. In this moment is preparing the second album in the same formula.



" Latin duo" Toma Dimitriu - piano Daniel Torres - tenor sax


Starting in 2014, Toma Dimitriu and Daniel Torres, students of Prince Claus Conservatorium, began playing together. Their repertoire was enriched in time with their own compositions, now having a fresh and an attractive sound. That's the reason they are invited to play in Bucharest at "Jazz in Church" festival in April 3, 2016.



" Free style trio" Toma Dimitriu - piano, Johannes Fend – double bass, Aleksandar Škorić - drums


All theree artists are students of Prince Claus Conservatorium. They start to play toghether quite recently, but the band sound can be very comfortable for "free jazz" lovers.


Toma Dimitriu